There are always rules, right? We've tried to keep them simple.

Have questions? Call us at (202) 631-2425. Learn about First Fridays Product Testing Program

1. About Your Website

  • Must be a public-facing federal, state, local, or tribal .gov or .mil website (or web application)
  • May be the main agency site, or a bureau, program, or project within an agency
  • May be submitted by a contractor working on the site if you have permission from the stakeholder 
  • No one in the GSA Center for Excellence in Digital Government may submit entries
  • This competition is not being run under the America COMPETES Act.

2.  Your Video Entry

Submit a short video addressing why your government website or web application is a good candidate for a free usability test. We want to see a creative video explaining the importance of your site, the problems you think need fixing, and a creative push for why we should pick you.

  • Must be 2 minutes or less in length
  • MOV, WMV, MP4, AVI or HD format
  • Submit through or
  • Get copyright permission for any music you use
  • No profanity or personal attacks on people or organizations
  • Only one video per submitter 

3.  Your Word Doc

  • Submit your name (submitter) and email address
  • Name and email address of the site stakeholder, if different. Your site stakeholder will receive a confirmation e-mail
  • URLs of your website and video submission
  • Average number of monthly visits your site receives based on your metrics
  • (Optional) Up to 500 words of supporting text and/or up to three screenshots of your site's problem areas  

4.  If Selected as a Winner

  • Your team must work with First Fridays to plan the test
  • Your site stakeholder must observe a First Fridays test before your test date and attend your usability test  
  • First Friday tests are held on the first Friday and third Wednesday of each month. Email to sign up to observe First Fridays